The Tree Part

December 1, 2016

According to the master plan, today was tree buying day.


Out to Silveyville we went in Jim’s truck. The tree buying part has become a fairly routine matter, and, yessiree, absolutely, it feels like we were just here!  Man… a year just flies by.

We parked, bundled up (so cold!) and headed in.

I thought this was a neat shot of one of many chickens running around the farm:


Then it was right to the pre-cut silver tip and noble fir area.

Quickly picked out a good noble…


We texted Peter this picture, asking if he thought it was tall enough… because he’s always lobbying for something very tall. His immediate response: Perfect. The funny thing about the above picture: Jim’s on his knees…

Here’s a more accurate photo of the about 6′ tall tree.


Hope he’s okay with it when he sees it next week.

And yeah.. it was freezing out there:


Had it shaken and netted, then battened it down:


And.. that was about that.

Brought ‘er home, set ‘er up, covered ‘er in lights, beads and ornaments. As you do.

No overall tree photos yet, but Jim took this one of his new favorite ornament (I bought this replica of a survey monument at the top of Haleakala (the volcano) when Peter and I were in Maui this summer):


(Such a great pic.)

Note to self: next year, let’s get a silver tip. Just for something very different.






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