As Seen

October 29, 2016

How about some PV –> LAX –> Sac –> Davis commuter shots?

Southern California has some interesting places, architecturally speaking. As seen in the South Bay, on my way to the airport:

This is in Hollywood Riviera, along PCH…


This is deeper into Redondo Beach, along PCH…


This was a billboard just beyond the airport, on my way to Alamo to turn in my car…


The cows were in relief.

Now… I’m in the air. Here is a nice shot of Catalina, just beyond the Palos Verdes peninsula (about twenty six miles beyond)…


And my favorite kinda shots flying into Sac.. all filtered up…




The next two are interesting because I inadvertently shot a near-replica of the Phil Gross painting hanging in our living room:



I just love these.

And, back on the ground, Fall has arrived to the Sac airport.. the grounds are so beautiful…


Arriving home to a favorite sight.. the view as we back into the driveway.. the lighting was so pretty on dad’s bench…



So… something new happened on this flight. My suitcase arrived to the carousel with a huge crack in it.


I asked an airport employee if I had any recourse for this and she said “absolutely” and pointed me to the customer service folks. Within about ten minutes, my case had been heard, a report filed, my suitcase emptied and I was sent on my way with all my belongings in a plastic bag. They will send, at no charge to me, a replacement suitcase–my exact Eagle Creek–to the house; should arrive in a few weeks. And that was that.

Here’s the ever gallant Jim, hauling my bag into the house:


Funny, huh? Plastic bags are quite inelegant, suitcases far more efficient!


I handled all of this in stride (who wouldn’t? it was such great service) in part because I’d finally, after years of seeing these airport massage places, had an airport massage! It was an incredibly relaxing experience.  I’d arrived a bit early so had time for a head massage, a light late lunch at the Rock ‘n Brew, and was just as mellow as could be by the time I boarded the plane.

This is be relax:


I sat in a big reclining chair that had moving rollers beneath the surface, and also had these sort of boots into which you placed your feet for the best mechanical foot and leg massage I’ve ever had. I’d go back for that alone. I’d also go back for the head/neck massage.


These be relax places exist in selected airports all over the world (not all, but a few that I might use).

And I now have a club membership (free). I may or may not do it again, but it sure got rid of my headache.

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