One of the things I wanted to do to change things up a bit after Peter moved out was alter my schedule a bit. Lots of reasons… for one, I like being up early. But mostly, I thought it would give me an emotional boost, anticipating I might be somewhat adrift, maybe even down.

Being up with the crows, before the sun comes up, has always made me feel all righteous and virtuous. I thought it would give me that extra taking-care-of-business feeling, which, without a whole lot to do right now, felt kind of important.

Last thing I wanted was to be a slug-a-bed.

Sure I’ll write more about that as I find my way …

So far, this early rising thing is working pretty well. I’ve been getting up so early, I’ve been tired at night. Which means I go to bed earlier and it’s easy to wake up.

Funny that.

I took my car into Hoffman this morning.  Caught this lovely sunrise:


Many rewards to early risin’.