The Veeps Turn

October 4, 2016

This evening, the VPs had their debate stage moment. Smooth as silk Mike Pence v. bulldog goofball Tim Kaine.

Tim Kaine, born in Minnesota (I already like him); went to an all-boys Jesuit prep school (on the debate team and elected student body president); went to the University of Missouri (econ, summa cum laude); graduated from Harvard Law (where he met his wife); worked as a lawyer and lecturer at University of Richmond School of Law; elected to the Richmond City Council; served as Richmond Mayor, Lieutenant Gov of Virginia, Governor of Virginia and Chair DNC.

Impressive academic and professional record. I like the city council part. Working at that level of government, as many of us can totally appreciate and relate to, is some serious public service training.

Additionally, raised catholic and between his first and second year at Harvard, went to Honduras to helped Jesuit missionaries run a catholic school. Fluent in Spanish.

He and his wife Anne have been going to the same church for thirty years, they have three kiddos, the oldest of whom currently serves in the Marines.

He plays, and frequently travels with, his harmonica/s.

Mike Pence is a creationist. All I need to know.


There’s more.

He’s a year and a half younger than Kaine, was also raised Catholic (though became a born-again Christian in college), also has three kiddos, one of whom serves in the Marines. ┬áHe also went to law school (McKinney School of Law). After running for congress twice, and losing, he became a conservative radio and television talk show host for five years (explains his smoothness!) and described himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”


Ten years after his last attempt, he won a seat in congress and about a decade after that rose to the position of chair of the House Republican Conference. He is a Tea Party guy.

And yes, a devout creationist.

The VPs don’t really sway voters one way or another (unless you’re Clair Underwood…your husband Frank’s running mate on House of Cards), so whatever. But I do like Tim Kaine. And I do think–while I dislike absolutely everything else about him–Mike Pence presents himself very well.


I have no pictures of this evening’s debate (which people think Pence won on style, Kaine on substance). So, instead, I’m just going to poke more fun at the donald. Here are a couple chuckle-worthy meme things:






Both of which suggest former talk show host Pence was a good choice to balance out the ticket. Somewhere between smooth-talking creationist and blathering policy-deficient idiot there is a message the right can get digest… and a sentence the base can diagram.