Roots in Davis

October 30, 2016

I’d only been gone a week, but, as usual, it felt fantastic to be back home. Nothing like it.

Jim and I got out pretty early for a walk to brunch… wanted to beat the rain (which we just barely did).

Everything looks extra pretty on one’s first morning back:


That is across the street, and that little tree is the Borton’s son’s memorial tree, which was planted at least fifteen years ago.  I think it’s a linden but I’ll have to check that out. Wikipedia says lindens are fast growing trees.. but this one is anything but.

Breakfast at Bernardo’s, and my usual bowl of cafe au lait. Gorgeous today:


Back home… and we noticed our single solitary tomato plant–spectacularly low performing–had finally squeezed out its first fruit of the season. Its one and only. If I’m not mistaken, we planted this thing back in May or possibly June.

Last year, the tomatoes on the mound were ridiculous–thickly matted vines that produced an embarrassment of tomatoes.

Not so this year.

One tomato. Uno.


But, hey, will ya look at that Meyer lemon tree!!!



Spent a fun evening at Carrie and Marc’s watching the Cubs win game five of the World Series at Wrigley Field. A big deal for Cubs fans–first World Series win at Wrigley in, like, 400 years or something. They are still behind the Indians 3-2 in the series, but it was a great and emotionally charged win. We ate a lot of great food and yelled our heads off for the Cubs (I exaggerate) because.. well…there are only two teams left to root for and the Cubs are certainly the sentimental favorite. Seem like nice enough guys.

Go Cubs.








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