Ye Old Self

October 28, 2016

I dare say, mom’s feeling a little bit better. As the week went on, her energy grew. By Friday, she was up for a breakfast out…


This is the Pancake House (not to be confused with the House of Pancakes), one of our favorite places.

Then some shopping…


(That would be mom, peering out from the dressing room, where she was trying on all kinds of tops in a cute boutique in the Riviera Village — formerly and forever known as Hollywood Riviera.)

Then, after a few more errands, a quick beach drive-by:


I can never resist these beach shots. Noteworthy on this day: the crystal clear outline of Pt. Dume (the prominent point north of Malibu) and the whole northern boundary of the Santa Monica Bay. It had rained in the morning and all was clear in the LA basin.

We returned home and continued our marathon of gin rummy (natch, as Grandma Celia used to say) and then had evening visits from Chris and Betsy, rounding out an outstanding day.

I know she’ll have good days and bad days, but the last three have certainly been a good trend.







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