No Time for Buttons

April 25, 2016


I’ll tell anyone who asks, “No, I’m not busy, it’s just a little bit of an unusual time..”

And I mean it. I’m not a busy person… it’s just that it’s baseball season, and it’s Peter’s last year at home..and there are these things going on.

I think that’s absolutely true, but, somehow, I don’t have time to even sew on a button. Got my buttons out a week or two ago, with good intentions; I just had to fill one little gap on one measly shirt–a favorite shirt that I’d like to wear… but for the missing button.

I finally put the buttons back in the button box and put the box back on the shelf. Buttons will just have to wait for another day.



In other shudder-worthy news, the DHS Varsity Baseball team lost a game to Elk Grove in spectacular fashion today: 14-1.  It took four Davis pitchers (Pierce, Holgate, Daniel and Peter) to try to stem the force of Elk Grove hitters. Didn’t stem them. (They got ten hits.) For our part, in twenty three plate appearances, we managed only one hit (yay Daniel!), but that didn’t come close to posing any sort of offensive threat. Our only run was a guy who was walked home, and he’d gotten on base originally on an error… so our one run wasn’t even earned. Ugh.

On the bright side, we committed no errors. We didn’t play sloppy ball or anything embarrassing… we just couldn’t hit. And couldn’t keep them from hitting. That is not a winning formula.





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