Cultivating Your Authenticity

April 16, 2016

It’s annual Picnic Day day. That means our Saturday includes a parade. There’s the official one that wends its way through campus and downtown, and there’s the other one, the constant stream of gaggles of students, marching with boisterous excitement, always shrieking and laughing, often yelling at someone far away for some reason, up and down our street.

But it’s fun.

Here are some shots on our way to the official parade. People getting ready on Second near campus…


Kids at the Turtle House…


Here’s a cutie pie, excited about bubbles:


And here are the bubbles, everywhere in this shot but not quite seeable:


We had a good spot on the curb on Second Street, opposite the Odd Fellows Hall. Turned out to be GREAT because it’s also one of the places where the Cal Aggie Marching Band stopped and performed. I had to tuck in my feet so I didn’t trip anybody. That close.



A funny (or not so funny): Soon as the band started up, I started crying. I was looking at all those college kids–specifically UC students–thinking Peter was going to be one in about 6 months.. and just lost it. Been happening a lot lately (ask me privately about the episode in the bathroom at Jamba Juice in Elk Grove last Wednesday before the Franklin game).

Ahem. So anyway, there were some vintage vehicles:


And, being Davis, the parade had lots of political entries…



To be fair, we had college republicans, too, and lots of veterans groups. As well, an anti-Katehi group.

Here are Jim and me:


(Nice sunny day!)

Here’s a shot of a party on the way home:


I was aiming at the Bernie poster, but got, as an unintended bonus, some waving guys and a side boob (these were big at the Oscars this year). Ya just never know what’s going to turn up in these hard-to-decipher-on-a-cell-phone shots.

Note: Based on a recurring slogan appearing on many of the vehicles, I’m guessing Cultivating Your Authenticity was the theme this year.

Works for me.


Note to self:  Remember to bring chairs next year.





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