Weird Series

October 31, 2015

Again, competing interests here…

It’s both Halloween and, this time, game #4 of the World Series…

Not much to say about that, so will just offer a few shots on the day.

Had lunch downtown with Janet and Jim, and happened to sit outside at Bernardo’s where we had a front row seat to the annual Halloween candy give-away. Here are a few of the hundreds of costumed kids who paraded by:





And a pair of adults (Vicki and Mark):


Our house, minorly spooked up (got a great last minute deal on a pumpkin this afternoon–you might remember a shot I took about a week ago of the fall display at the Davis Food Coop?…. this is that flatish pumpkin that was on the far left):


If you don’t carve them, they’ll last til March…


Peter handled candy duties, Jim and I watched the World Series… I kept score:


This was actually shot last night on the way to the movies, but I thought it was a nice Halloween parting shot:


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