Poverty Ridge

October 29, 2015

I’m always just a tiny bit thrilled when we venture across the river into the urban wilds of Sacramento. Not just any part of Sac…it’s gotta be downtown, or better, midtown. Not sure why exactly, but being in somebody else’s downtown just triggers a wee spark of excitement. Even Sac. I guess after 38 years in Davis, I have a bit of the bumpkin in me.

Jim and I had lunch at Magpie’s new location at 16th and P (their cafe/bakery remains at their original spot at R & 14th). Here’s my grilled cheese (with gerkins, fig, pluot served on a wooden cutting board).. a very appealing presentation:


The reason for our trip was to attend a memorial service for a friend of Jim’s–Therese (McDermott) Cantrell. Huge gathering, sad circumstances (she was only 60). Tons of people Jim knew from his old work days. Such a mix of feelings in the crowd.. lots of sorrow and tenderness, but clearly a bunch of people with a billion intersecting story lines. There was just a lot of energy in that room–the energy that comes from big families, overlapping & twisty social circles and long histories.

I even ran into two women I waitressed with back in my Bump’s days (1980-82). They were a pair to be reckoned with then, and still seem so now. Davis locals; they’re a demographic all their own.

Anyway, there’s no question, we’re definitely entering a time when the number of memorial services we attend is going to go up.

The service was at Vizcaya on 21st. While I’ve been in that part of midtown millions of times, I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed the hill. Turns out, the 19th-24th, R-W square is called Poverty Ridge or Poverty Hill, after the poverty-stricken citizens forced to high ground by flood waters probably in the 1800s. The name is ironic now because the area is characterized by some pretty stately mansions.

Here are some shots on a lovely fall day–a couple on the hill itself, the other not so much.




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