Photo Spread

October 27, 2015

Peter’s senior portraits arrived. We’ve never done formal photos, so thought what the heck. If not now, when? It’s a little insane what you pay for these things…  I’ll just say somewhere north of $450. Yes, I’m not kidding. For that, you get 1 11×14, 4 8x10s, 10 5x7s, 12 4x5s, and 88 wallets.  Eighty eight. What do you do with those? You also get all kinds of frames and boxes and album thingies, plus a CD.

So wow.

Here’s a sample of the haul:


But here’s the thing: look how old he is! Tuxedo, graduation robe, mortarboard, are we really at this part already? Other parents’ kids who are in pictures like this are all old and mature and leaving home, going to college….  but, Peter… he sure looks all those things, but he’s just a kid, right? He was just in kindergarten, right? Now he’s all posing for photos while leaning casually against brick walls and sitting on grand staircases with an arm draped over a knee.. and looking startlingly manly.

[Mom shakes head back and forth slowly with alternatingly wistful and disbelieving eyes…]

4 Responses to “Photo Spread”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    It truly is mind-boggling. Senior year is a weird year for parents! Sadness and pride all at the same time.

  2. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    What a handsome young man!!!

    I still see that goofy, fun-loving, happy 3 year old in his eyes and smile!

    You are such a good mom and good parents!!

    Love, Sabrina

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