The Ruins

October 22, 2015

So my friend [from kindergarten] Sarah and her husband Gabe had this really good idea: Build a cool little performance venue on their property in the foothills, make a bunch of great desserts, whip together a batch of hot apple cider (spiked according to taste), invite a couple of super talented folk artists, gather a whole lot of friends on a warm-enough fall evening…. and… perfection. Obviously.

Sarah and Gabe built this structure… a three-sided space about the size of a paddle tennis court–stacked rocks that look like an ancient ruin. They strung lights and placed candles in glass tubes all over the place. There’s a fire pit. There’s a dramatic crack (intentional). There’s room for chairs, plus tables that hold the delectables. The whole thing is surrounded by trees, sky, stars and magic. And, they call it, “The Ruins.”

Here is a picture of Kelley Mcrae and her partner Matt Castelein, playing at the Ruins:


And because it’s hard to see the singers, I’ll post this one from their website:


Their website’s got some music videos…worth a listen. They earned another fan (or forty) tonight.

It was just a really fun evening. Started by meeting Susan and Jim for dinner outside of Auburn at that place you see on the billboards: Dingus McGee’s Roadhouse (who knew?). Lovely setting. This is our table out back:


And this one’s a shot from the porch as you exit the restaurant…


Nice way to spend a Thursday night.

2 Responses to “The Ruins”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    How very cool is that?

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