Card Mysteries

October 18, 2015

I’ll just say it. I lost my credit card wallet thing… that slim, hard-sided box that, when opened, expands accordian-style to display my credit cards. (When a Mishka’s barista–who stands by as hundreds of customers a day navigate their wallets, purses and pockets–tells you your credit card holder is the best thing going, you know you’ve got a good system.)

I am extremely annoyed by this.

I am SURE this is just a faint hint of what is to come as we age and our body sloughs, at an increasing rate, the brain cells essential for memory and every-day cognitive functionality. I mean, shit…. this forgetfulness and spaciness that I seem to be experiencing more frequently these days might be amusing if it weren’t so disorienting and super counter-productive. Like… uh… now… where did my wallet get to? Didn’t I just use it?

I discovered it was missing tonight. Not sure how long it’s been MIA. Trying to reconstruct the last few days was comical, because I can’t remember sh*t. But bottom line, it’s gone (for now..maybe ever). I misplaced it, left it somewhere, or perhaps it was stolen from my purse, perhaps while I wandered in the dark, crowded rooms of the aquarium on Saturday while focused on navigating a wheelchair to optimal sea-life-viewing spots.

One of the bank agents I called tonight to report the missing card(s) to suggested I may be a victim of identity theft. She based this on my set of credit card mishaps that have occurred over the past few days which seem like they could be related:

  1. On my taxi ride from LAX to mom’s house three days ago, the driver used one of those old-fashioned credit card slides, which are largely out of use today because it’s too easy for people to steel your number. I felt uneasy, but what are you going to do in that situation?
  2. Two days ago, first one credit card was denied, then a second, when I tried to add money to my Starbuck’s card. That seemed fishy. I assumed it was a problem with their machine, until the same two cards were denied at Safeway a few minutes later. A call to the bank later cleared them both, but it was still peculiar.
  3. This evening, I got an email from a Subway in Minnesota, confirming my purchase of four sandwiches. That was weird, but what was weirder was that they were charged to a credit card that is not mine. The email address was mine, the name on the email communique was mine, but the card number was not. WTF.
  4. And then–as I tried to figure out just which of my credit cards that other Kari Peterson of Benson, Minnesota used to charge her sandwiches–I realized I’d lost all my cards, and have not, for the life of me, been able to figure out conclusively when or where (aforementioned brain cell situation).

Is any of this making sense to you? None of it really adds up.

But I do know I’m without three credit cards, my license, my (and Peter’s) Kaiser cards, my Starbucks, Peet’s and AAA cards, and some miscellaneous coffee and book store punch cards. Waaaah. Gotta get them all canceled and/or reissued.

Then, tonight, my mom’s kitchen sink boiling water dispenser sprang a leak and we spent about an hour cleaning that up.

Did I mention we drove to the theater on top of the hill this afternoon to see the new Steven Speilberg movie and it was sold out? A matinee!

Such the day.

Here’s one thing that was really nice about today, though:


Dinner with Betsy Boo. My mom and I assembled an all-star spread of left-overs… the best ever. And we had one more hand on deck for both the kitchen sink fiasco and a frantic search of the house and car for the missing card case.

What are old friends for?

2 Responses to “Card Mysteries”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    I’m so sorry about the wallet and credit card stuff!!! I’m glad you are going to cancel everything. That is very unsettling. My dad calls the forgetfulness thing the same as you, but in acronym. It’s is officially CRS (can’t remember shit.)

    • Kari Says:

      I know… seems a little soon for such memory stuff. On the other hand, we all hit our brain functionality peak in our early twenties and it’s been a steady decline since then… so guess it’s just gonna show up more and more.

      Most of the time it’s in the amusing category..

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