There’s a Moon Up There Somewhere

September 27, 2015

Tonight, there was a super moon–super big, super bright–but I missed most of its special effects due to clouds on the horizon where a giant rising moon should have been. By the time it rose over the clouds, it seemed like any other moon, except…. it was behind a big earth shadow and appeared sort of reddish due to tonight’s other unique lunar phenomenon–a total eclipse… which was also hard to fully appreciate because I was viewing tonight’s moon from the middle of a well-lit street, trying to look beyond the headlights of passing cars, which rendered that big ol’ eclipsed super moon a tad faint.

I’ve already seen some impressive photos posted online, so I’m not feeling deprived. And I did get to lay my eyes on this once-every-couple-decades event, so I’m satisfied.

I took the obligatory photo, with my good camera, even.. but this is all I got:


And that was with lots of zooming and photo enhancing.

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