Mom Time

September 23, 2015

You know? I am appreciating these days that I spend with my mom. It’s not exactly a revelation, but some visits are better than others and this was a good one. They are all worthwhile, but, as I’ve documented over the years, some are more challenging. Aging, as I’ve been told, is not for the meek.

Happily, these four days were short on health mishaps, dramas and short fuses, and long on smooth sailing and fun activities well-spaced out.

Met my 7-week old great nephew River! 

Had an extremely lovely lunch with Aunt Ellie on the bay in Long Beach.

Had a fun and funny breakfast with Chris.

Returned to Polly’s on the Pier for a wonderful breakfast for lunch.

Stopped and walked at the beach twice.

Luxuriated in a long, fashion-filled Emmy telecast.

Went to a star-studded yet marginal movie in a theater equipped with reclining chairs.

Enjoyed a full and productive day of boutique shopping. 

Made only one trip to Trader Joe’s, one to Ralph’s and none to CVS.

Cooked up three great dinners and spread them over five nights. 

Talked a lot, lectured only a teeny tiny bit, and heard a lot of good stories from the olden days.

Played 30 games of gin rummy–10 sets, 92 hands. Mom won 15, I won 15.

I think that’s about it. See.. fun, relaxing stuff, nicely spread out.

Here are a few pictures…

Today, down by the Esplanade…


From Polly’s today, watched a well-trained, 6-year old seagull, Sprinkles, drink water from a cup and eat a row of bread laid out by a waitress (apparently a daily ritual for both).


Lunch yesterday with Aunt Ellie. Their house is visible from the deck of the Boathouse..a little to the right of mom’s head.


A shot from Sunday… the beach was crowded as temps have been in the high 80s the whole time I’ve been here!


And one more… this of the newest little family, taken today, but not by me:


Alexis, River and John.