It was a lovely day for a bike ride. Bike riding, while pleasant enough, is not one of my all-time favorite forms of exercise. But it is turning into a pretty good way to get a much needed cardio workout these days… easy on the hip, as it turns out.

But rather than drift into a sorry discourse on hip issues, how ’bout some nice shots from South Davis…


A bit too dappled to appreciate the charm of this two-story shack along the bike path. I thought if I used the toy camera filter, I could hide the city’s very uncharming 8 1/2×11 flyers-in-sheet-protectors–tacky!–that tell people not to trespass. Sigh.. whattaya gonna do.

Along a fork of the Putah–off to the left–super shady, and while it looks deserted, it was actually full of walkers, runners, bike riders and dog walkers for most of the way. Who ARE all these people… I did not recognize a soul.

Not my usual side of town, I guess.


And finally a nice view south out by the Putah Creek winery. Nice spot…


I should take my car to Honda more often…. nice excuse for a bike ride.