Water on Mars and Other Relevant Topics

September 28, 2015

Met my kindergarten pal Sarah at her cool studio loft on R Street this afternoon.

She prepared a simple yet sumptuous repast…


..which we ate on the rooftop.

(Beets and goat cheese, hummus with carrots and almonds, crackers & brie and some lemony, olive-oily beans that were great.)


(I’m tellin’ ya…)

This Warehouse Artists Loft (WAL for short) is a pretty swell place to hang out. Not only is it architecturally attractive, overflowing with art, and located in a neighborhood densely packed with hip restaurants, but the first floor of the building is a small public marketplace with its own eclectic assortment of vendors…a juice bar and sandwich shop, a fish place, a rug store, a men’s shoemaker, a flower stall and.. a vintage clothing store where I happened to find a pair of boots I’m sure I need…


…and bought (like I ever do that).

Rediscovering kindergarten pals on the eve of turning 60 is kind of a hoot. I know I wrote about this before–last spring when four of us from the way back olden days met up for the first time since high school–but I will say again: it just becomes a pretense-free zone. Like who do we need to impress? Nobody. We talked honestly (brutally) about this stage of life, what it all means, how disorienting retirement is, how we got here, what our kids are doing, what our husbands are doing, how ridiculous college admissions have become, how embarrassing presidential campaigns have become, about her rooftop hay bale garden plot, how to plant gardens that optimize insect and bee populations, and how maybe we’ll just go to the French Laundry for dinner sometime. Those kinds of things.

Such a nice afternoon.

Drove through downtown Davis on my way home.. and had to stop to shoot this:


Kind of a busy sky.

Did you hear they found water on Mars today? Mars may have more water than California!

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