Pictures on the Day

September 26, 2015

It’s going to have to be another set of more or less random images. Too late, too tired, and maybe too much wine. Or ice cream. Or all of the above. It’s about all I can do to throw this much together.

I’m only sorry I missed the stunning flourish of cirrus clouds at sunset. What a show-off Mr. Sky was tonight. I did manage, however, to collect a few other pictures on the day, so here goes:

Early morning shot of Compassion Corner and the earth bench on my way to get coffee…


A little while later, we ran into David himself at Farmer’s Market. He returned to town just a couple of weeks ago and is settling in to write his next book. Had an interesting conversation about what is really found at the core of human beings. He had a more compassionate take on this question than I did (I’ve been reading too much about the presidential race, gun violence and the world’s reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis. Easy to get cynical and believe that maybe greed, power, and ignorance are more dominant than love, kindness and compassion.  It’s why I like running into David… he always re-inspires my weary soul.


Wes took a great photo of Peter on the mound today. As he always does. And what’s more, it’s an 0 and 2 count. Peter was one of six pitchers today. The boys went on to win the 12-inning game, 12-5. Their record so far this summer: Six wins, no losses.

peter 0 and 2

Somewhere along the line today, probably at the high school baseball field, I ran over a thorn on my bike and ended up with a very flat tire. It showed up when it was time to leave Carrie and Marc’s house this afternoon (where six of us assembled–assembly-line-style–500 boxes of beautiful, handmade photographic note cards for an upcoming fundraiser for Putah Creek Council).  Here’s my bike… one tire short.


Here’s Marc patching my tube. It has been a very long time since I’ve done anything of the sort. It was a great place to discover a flat tire, I’ll say that. I think the patch is going to hold, too!


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