Putah Creak*

May 21, 2015

* not a typo

Walked with Vicki along Putah Creek in the arboretum today! This is notable because it’s been over five months since I’ve actually been able to muster even a short walk. Yippee!!

Actually, we didn’t get all that far, cuz, you know, my hip was hurting…

… and that’s why I call this Putah Creak. 

But… it was very pretty and we went slowwwwwwly and I got a chance to take a few nature pics:

The matilija poppies bordering Spafford Lake are nearing the end of their crazy bloom. Theirs fared much better than ours did this year:


I wrote about these last year when we first planted them in our front yard.

It had been so long since we’d been down there, we were both surprised to see how the native grasses had filled in (in the re-designed area near the shovel gateway sculpture). What were small, discreet rows of newly planted grasses last year, are now slopes and fields full of dense, waist-high growth.


We both felt sort of ambivalent about how this has turned out. Some areas look okay, some look overgrown and unkempt, bordering on weedy. Not sure if they’ve achieved their desired objective with this. Will have to ask around.

Nevertheless.. it was a great day to be hobbling about.

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