Now We’re Looking Up

March 31, 2015

Walking through Central Park, following lunch.. it’s a beautiful day.

He [singing goofily]:

All the leaves are brown,

and the sky is grey,

I went for a walk,

on a winter’s day..

She: It’s I’ve been for a walk.

He: What?

She: It’s BEEN… I’ve been for a walk.

He: Are you sure?

She: [Long sideways glance]

He [singing thoughtfully]:

I went for a walk… I went for a walk... That sounds right.

She: Nope. Been.

He: ??

She [rolling eyes, reaching for iPhone and addressing Siri]: What are the lyrics to California Dreaming?

….seconds later….

She [reading from California Dreaming lyric sheet]:

I’ve been for a walk,

on a winter’s day…

He: Let me see that…

She [thrusting iPhone in his face]: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I did not take a picture while strolling through our beautiful downtown park (too busy sussing out song lyrics), so went a bit backwards in the recent archive to see if I had one handy. I did not. But I found a couple I’ve taken near the park in the past couple of weeks, which speak to 1) the beauty of a Davis spring (wowsers!) and 2) the fact things are, as my friend Elliot said they would when I got over the flu: looking up!

IMG_5496 IMG_5431

Very nice to be over the flu. Yes.

The Look Down Shot**

March 30, 2015

I’ve become a great fan of the look down shot.

I’m guess this happens to people who use their iPhone cameras a lot and who find themselves walking from place to place with the camera app at the ready. As we seem to do these days, we are carrying our phones, glancing at them as we commute, even if just from one room to another. This is very embarrassing to admit. But we all do this, right?

Anyway, I’m always looking down thinking, ooh, that’s a cool shot. Why.. I love those angles. Or I’m thinking how it is we never really see what we are looking at until we see it through another lens, in this case the iPhone lens. It always looks just a little finer.

Case in point:

Having just made the bed, I grab my phone off the nightstand and commence to head off to my next adventure, and whoa, what a nice shot that is! All geometric, and the colors and textures I just love.


Rounding the bed, it just seems even better… will ya look at those floors!


Peek around the corner to my office, another nice colorful view:


Well… a series to work on perhaps.

** This is what happens when you’re housebound for a few days, down with the flu, and are a little desperate for something to break up the tedium.

Room With A Better View

March 29, 2015

At least the view’s better today.





I guess sickness brings up bastardized movie titles.

Flu, Cockoo, Nest

March 28, 2015

Me with flu, in nest:


Feeling cockoo:


Best I can come up with, under the circumstances.

Happy Friday

March 27, 2015

How about some of this for a Friday…




Shot in South Davis.. corner of Cowell and Washoe. I don’t know who does this each year, but someone should take them out to dinner or something.

A baseball game on a lovely spring afternoon is already about as good as it gets… but when you add the perks of baseball in the wine country, you raise the bar just that much more.

DHS played the Vintage Crushers today. Wish we’d won; but for a few fewer errors, we certainly would have.

We scored one run the classic way: get on base on a nice hit (in this case a gorgeous line drive double up the left field line in the very first inning), and come home on another nice hit (in this case a hard hit single up the middle). They scored two runs, both on a pair of errors. Their second and winning run came at the bottom of the eighth inning (games are regularly seven innings). You hate to see a walk off run scored on an error.

But hey, our guys earned their one run. Their two came on over-exuberant throws (even good guys make bad throws). Isn’t that the story of baseball?

Still… it was a beautiful day in Napa Valley.

Here is the driveway that leads up to the Veteran’s Home ball park (one of, if not the oldest Veteran’s facilities in the United States, and certainly the prettiest and most fully featured). Domain Chandon is just off to the right:


We dropped the boys off, then, with our usual hour to kill, headed into Yountville for some pre-game iced tea at the Bouchon Bakery… we ran into Wes who had exactly the same idea:


Back to the field in time for the National Anthem. Trees surround the field (and I’m sure the sky is always blue):


The bleachers are fully shaded, which is awesome for the fans. By the time the game was in full swing, the bleachers were nearly full. They attract a lot of veterans who live onsite so it gets pretty lively. They serve ice cream, hot dogs and all the usual stuff, have fun announcers and play organ music, so the whole experience has a nice old-time feel to it.


A few of us went to Habit Burger for dinner after the game. It looked like the entire JV team was in there (they won their game). Then we headed home with the sun setting behind beautiful rolling hills and trees.


This was the only game during the Spring Break. We return to full schedules next week, when we’ll conclude the pre-season with the big fancy Boras Tournament. Peter will likely get some mound time then.

Great Way to Wednesday

March 25, 2015

“Uber-hip Brooklynites take great pride in their secular humanist approach to parenting. But when their 17-year old daughter decides to become a Christian, their laid-back, open-minded facade comes crashing down. Oblivion takes a wry look at Nietzsche, famed film ciritic Pauline Kael, and the nature of belief in the 21st century.”

Uber-hip Davisites take their 16-year old son to a play where marijuana is smoked on stage, the f word flies, people roll around on stage in marital affection and a few other potentially squeam-inducing things take place (squeamish if you’re the 16-year old flanked by your mom and dad).  The teen in the story and her parents really go at each other and I wondered if Peter thought, wow, my parents are far more sane and reasonable…Or did he find a lot to relate to.

Here’s the show:


Afterward our whole group, “the Placer County Democratic Hiking Group” (so named by Rick many moons ago) had dinner at a Sacramento Bernardo’s.


Jim, Jimmy Johnson, Linda, Heidi, Susan, Rick, me and P.

I enjoyed the play a lot, especially loved the idea of a play and dinner with old buds, and of especially having Peter along.