A Bit of Time Travel

March 22, 2015

This whole business of getting together with one’s friends from kindergarten has really set me down the nostalgia path. The easily-amused me has gotten herself lost in the Kari Memorabilia file drawer, organized by the ever-anal me. I am enjoying, in particular, the My Life 0-10, My Life 11-13, and My Life 14-17 files. 

Inspired by conversations that took place at Saturday’s gathering, and curious about some of the people we talked about, I went in search of class photos, and found a few in Elementary Years files…

Here’s kindergarten, 1961-2, as much as I have (I seem to have cut myself and selected others out… not sure why):


And most of the first grade class, 1962-3 (again, no me):


And I guess we were sometimes allowed to bring our cameras to school and take pictures, so this is one I took with my Brownie of some of my first grade pals on the blacktop (Wendy Cooper, Sarah Beukema, hand on heart guy, Bruce Jewett, Missy Neal, Jeanie Larson, Loretta, Donna Bennett, Lori Spader, Carroll Speich, Patty Keifer and Heather Lewis).

first grade playgroud

Then we have a nice, largely unadulterated one of second grade, 1963-4 (but again, no me):

second grade class photo

While I don’t have my fourth grade class photo (or third, for that matter), I do have a button that my buddy Jeff made many years ago for me… on which he used my fourth grade photo.. if that counts:


And then we skip a few years ahead to fifth grade, 1966-7, the last of the Valmonte years, and this one does have me, and some artful additions, as well.. sigh:


Please forgive me, you guys.

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