Now We’re Looking Up

March 31, 2015

Walking through Central Park, following lunch.. it’s a beautiful day.

He [singing goofily]:

All the leaves are brown,

and the sky is grey,

I went for a walk,

on a winter’s day..

She: It’s I’ve been for a walk.

He: What?

She: It’s BEEN… I’ve been for a walk.

He: Are you sure?

She: [Long sideways glance]

He [singing thoughtfully]:

I went for a walk… I went for a walk... That sounds right.

She: Nope. Been.

He: ??

She [rolling eyes, reaching for iPhone and addressing Siri]: What are the lyrics to California Dreaming?

….seconds later….

She [reading from California Dreaming lyric sheet]:

I’ve been for a walk,

on a winter’s day…

He: Let me see that…

She [thrusting iPhone in his face]: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I did not take a picture while strolling through our beautiful downtown park (too busy sussing out song lyrics), so went a bit backwards in the recent archive to see if I had one handy. I did not. But I found a couple I’ve taken near the park in the past couple of weeks, which speak to 1) the beauty of a Davis spring (wowsers!) and 2) the fact things are, as my friend Elliot said they would when I got over the flu: looking up!

IMG_5496 IMG_5431

Very nice to be over the flu. Yes.

One Response to “Now We’re Looking Up”

  1. Yeah! You are up and about! Maybe having a torturer cut off your index finger is worse than flu, but it would be close. I always thought it was “I went for a walk.” Oh well.

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