The Look Down Shot**

March 30, 2015

I’ve become a great fan of the look down shot.

I’m guess this happens to people who use their iPhone cameras a lot and who find themselves walking from place to place with the camera app at the ready. As we seem to do these days, we are carrying our phones, glancing at them as we commute, even if just from one room to another. This is very embarrassing to admit. But we all do this, right?

Anyway, I’m always looking down thinking, ooh, that’s a cool shot. Why.. I love those angles. Or I’m thinking how it is we never really see what we are looking at until we see it through another lens, in this case the iPhone lens. It always looks just a little finer.

Case in point:

Having just made the bed, I grab my phone off the nightstand and commence to head off to my next adventure, and whoa, what a nice shot that is! All geometric, and the colors and textures I just love.


Rounding the bed, it just seems even better… will ya look at those floors!


Peek around the corner to my office, another nice colorful view:


Well… a series to work on perhaps.

** This is what happens when you’re housebound for a few days, down with the flu, and are a little desperate for something to break up the tedium.

2 Responses to “The Look Down Shot**”

  1. Hope you are getting better!

  2. Things will start looking UP again.

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