April 1, 2015

borasThis week’s been all about this big fancy tournament called the Boras Baseball Classic. Say the planners:

“Over the past year we have been gathering a list of teams that we feel best represent the most talented teams in the state of California. We truly believe we have identified the best of the best in 32 High School Baseball teams throughout the state… Our objective is to give young baseball athletes an opportunity to play against the best and compete on one of the biggest stages for this age group…Our goal is to give young players a platform to showcase their talents to college and professional recruiters while giving the athlete an opportunity that could potentially impact their educational future and athletic dreams.”

Wow, huh?

The atmosphere is heady–press tents set up, people with badges hanging around their necks on lanyards, recruiters and coaches walking around with clipboards and radar guns…

Davis was one of sixteen northern California teams selected to participate, largely based on their having won the whole section title last year (our San Joaquin section is some large subset of the northern part of the state). The Boras winner up here, faces the Boras winner down in southern California in a game next month.

That won’t be Davis, but I guess just being invited to this thing is big enough.

Actually, we’re playing pretty poorly so far. Our pitching’s been fine, but our hitting and fielding have been quite underwhelming.. it’s not been an impressive showing.

We’ve won one and lost two so far, with one game left in the tournament. Peter did get to start our second game on Monday and did okay.. not his best outing.. but we ended up winning that game due to some outstanding relief work. And I have to say that, overall, we’ve had some solid pitching this tournament from Walter, Brendan, Daniel, Tyler G, Tyler M. and Ray, which has really been our story this entire pre-league season.. but not enough other highlights to speak of.

Yay pitching staff.

Davis played Boras last year, as well, and also did poorly (even worse than we’re doing this year), and then went on to a great season and an even greater post-season, winning the whole enchilada… so nobody seems too discouraged yet.

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