Still Tripping Through the Past

March 24, 2015

I’ve still got my head in that memorabilia drawer. I see there is much richness to rediscover–it’s a deep drawer and there are a couple dozen files with very tantalizing labels, and I think I’ll save most of this for a future rainy day…

…but I did get a wee bit sidetracked with one of the Junior High files. I found a collection of notes passed between my friends and me, during class, no doubt, full of teenage girl angst and drama.. and thought they were amusing.

It’s a little strange to actually get inside one’s own 12 year old head (or the heads of one’s friends). As I say, I found a lot of these notes, as well as some cards and post cards.  Girls like to write to one another, it seems. So.. just a sampling (some were not as kind as these):


Editor me wants to make a few corrections!


Boys factor big…


It was definitely interesting to be looking through these files while living with my own 16 year old. He’s either far more mature than I was, or boys are just entirely different beasts. Probably both.

And then I poked a little into a file from the high school years and found (among other treasures), my first ballot stub from when I voted in my first election. In a Facebook post on this subject, I learned that this was a primary gubernatorial election, with a few propositions. The winners in both parties–Pat Brown and Houston Flournoy–squared off in November and Flournoy, as we know, lost. I guess I voted for the loser. Which serves me right.


By the time 1976 rolled around, I’d re-registered as a democrat so I could vote for Jimmy Carter (who won against Gerald Ford– certainly because of my informed vote). I was living in Sweden at the time, so re-registering was no trivial task.

My voting record was improving.

I know I was heavily influenced by my parents when it came time to register to vote. I have strong memories of their support for Richard Nixon. I’m pretty sure my heading in the opposite direction shortly after voting the first time was in part an effort to follow my own conscious, but also an act of differentiation and independence. I’m hoping Jim and I have given Peter the sense that his opinions are his own to develop and how he chooses to express himself politically is his business. But I also hope we’ve raised a person with intelligence and morals and that that will lead him in the CORRECT direction (and not the right one).

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