Great Way to Wednesday

March 25, 2015

“Uber-hip Brooklynites take great pride in their secular humanist approach to parenting. But when their 17-year old daughter decides to become a Christian, their laid-back, open-minded facade comes crashing down. Oblivion takes a wry look at Nietzsche, famed film ciritic Pauline Kael, and the nature of belief in the 21st century.”

Uber-hip Davisites take their 16-year old son to a play where marijuana is smoked on stage, the f word flies, people roll around on stage in marital affection and a few other potentially squeam-inducing things take place (squeamish if you’re the 16-year old flanked by your mom and dad).  The teen in the story and her parents really go at each other and I wondered if Peter thought, wow, my parents are far more sane and reasonable…Or did he find a lot to relate to.

Here’s the show:


Afterward our whole group, “the Placer County Democratic Hiking Group” (so named by Rick many moons ago) had dinner at a Sacramento Bernardo’s.


Jim, Jimmy Johnson, Linda, Heidi, Susan, Rick, me and P.

I enjoyed the play a lot, especially loved the idea of a play and dinner with old buds, and of especially having Peter along.


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