September 21, 2014

Whoever’s in charge of these things–probably Hallmark–decided that one’s eighteenth wedding anniversary would be materially memorialized with porcelain. Porcelain gifts? I suppose.

Jim’s been the more consistent traditionalist in this regard… and has fashioned trinkets out of, for example, wood (5th), cooper (7th), crystal (15th), furniture (17th) and this year..


…. converted a porcelain drawer pull: etched and inscribed it, then mounted it on a sanded piece of branch from Peter’s sycamore (the one planted in his first year, fertilized with his placenta… sure I’ve written about that mostly undisclosed bit of family lore).

Jim is definitely the cleverer spouse.

I made a chocolate cake that came out looking like a giant doughnut.  Sought chocolate cake recipe ideas from the Facebook universe this morning and got a lot of very excellent possibilities. Used the first suggestion, a recipe adapted by the NY Times from the Silver Palate Cookbook. It was really good and not too complicated.


In the porcelain gift category, I went practical with a ceramic-bladed knife (super sharp, will almost never require sharpening, though it’s a little fussy… we’ll see how it works) and found what I thought was a rather perfect card for the porcelain occasion:

knife and card

I’m clever in a less crafty way, perhaps.

Jim cooked dinner, a dish built around a bunch of plantains we found on the street in front of our house yesterday. No kidding. They must have dropped off somebody’s bike and they seemed fair game and in good enough shape. He sauteed them with a selection of CSA-box vegetables and added coconut for a sort of Caribbean flavor. It worked. Peter opted for some leftover steak.

My guys:


And the requisite, if goofy, shot of the celebrants:


One Response to “Porcelain”

  1. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    Looks like a wonderful celebration! Happy Anniversary. Love, Sabrina

    Sent from my iPad


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