Early Bibaversary

September 20, 2014

Jim and I are usually pretty low key in our celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries. But for some reason, decided to take it up a notch and go across the causeway for dinner. Definitely not the usual… a nice dinner in Davis, yes. Sacramento: can’t remember a time.

So… we went to Biba’s. I hadn’t been there in at least 22 years, likely more.  Jim had never been.


Worked pretty hard on making a wine choice.  Not really. Went with a pinot grigio by the glass. I learned–though didn’t take advantage–that they will serve you a half glass (and charge you accordingly). That is cool.


I am a prosciutto fan, so talked Jim into this appetizer. Not his favorite; he thought it tasted like raw biscuit dough (and it sorta does… try eating some and think raw biscuit dough .. both texture and flavor).


Anyway…. will spare you all the courses.  But we enjoyed it all (me, especially the 10-layer lasagne course, Jim, especially the homemade gelato.)

Biba even dropped by. I’d say that was a bit awkward. Jim said I blushed. Weird of me. (I snuck this picture of her at an adjacent table. They didn’t seem to blush.


Tomorrow’s the real anniversary and we’ll be going back down to our usual notch… brunch at Bernardo’s in the morning and maybe some leftovers for dinner. Ahhh…