On the Road

September 2, 2014

I think I remember that it was about a year ago, maybe just a little less, that I was having lunch with David at Crepeville and the idea of a compassion tour came up.  I can’t quite remember if we brainstormed it, or if it was an idea he had had earlier and was sharing it with me in its very nascent stages, but we had fun talking about how it would work. 

It seemed like the perfect next step. 

Today, at Crepeville again, we played a bit with the metaphor of being first at the corner, at the intersection, at the crossroads… and now embarking on the road.  He’ll have to work with that one a bit more to flesh it out and arrive at its significance, but metaphors are good. Symbols are important.  Good organizing tools for one’s thoughts and developmental processes, I think. 

So, here we are… nearly a year later. David hit the five-years-in-Davis mark this summer. We had a successful benefit dinner in May, he raised some good support through the Go-Fund-Me site. Posters, postcards, Facebook posts, blogs, video blogs, articles, and media interviews have all raised awareness. Our small group has met numerous times over Google Hangout to plan the various aspects of the tour. We have a Google Calendar to enter cities and events. We had a celebration send off last weekend. Tomorrow he leaves. 

Kind of funny that I happened to capture this image. He’d packed already, but the zipper on his suitcase was acting up, so he found another at the SPCA Thrift Shop today for a couple bucks. It’s empty here, and he’s taking it home, but we can just pretend he’s starting his journey.  Because symbols. 


And because I didn’t get any pictures of myself at last Saturday’s send off, I’m including one of David and me at the Compassion Corner Earthbench dedication ceremony on May 31, 2013.

david kari brendan 2

Good travels, my friend.