It’s been awhile since I’ve done the shoes… but it was time.  Too many boxes of nicely labeled shoes, too few places to wear them.  All summer, I’ve bounced back and forth between flip flops and running shoes, if I wore shoes at all. And aside from our 9-day hiking trip to Yosemite, that’s all I’ve worn for, like, four months. So… for the sake of simplicity and space, it was time to purge.

Here’s what went to R&R:


I learned that some shoes just can’t hack the neglect of long term storage. Numerous pair, including pricy, industrial-grade Danskos just sort of disintegrated, or seemed sticky. Yes, sticky. Another pair of royal blue pumps had crumbling sole syndrome. My hands were actually wet after handling a former favorite pair of clogs. WTF.

I got rid of lots of business-casual, because: work. Not happening. And even some casual-casual, like penny loafers. In the case of the loafers, I 86’d them because my feet have lengthened and spread (maybe it’s the flip flops and barefeet). I’ve always loved the Levis and loafers look, but even without socks they hurt. Sigh.

I’m embarrassed to say how many shoes I’d never actually worn, like some natty preppy flats from Lands End that I ordered online that ended up being too big, for example, or a couple of fun and sassy flats I got while shopping with my mom in Hollywood Riviera, just to be a good sport. I can’t see myself walking around Davis with faux flowers and jewels on my shoes. But the most costly of the never-worns was a pair of swanky, sexy boots with lots of buckles that I bought in NYC about ten years ago because I thought sophisticated boots from NYC would be just the thing. I wore them exactly once: in the store. Back in California, I hated them.

The rest of the cast offs, were a combination of bad decisions, wear and tear, or lost interest (is 58-years-old a good time to stop wearing Mary Janes?).

Don’t feel sorry for me, I still have Keens and Tevas coming out of my ears, plenty more Danskos, lots of flip flops, probably four pairs of perky padded Sketchers in a variety of colors, dressy sandals, Converse sneakers, several athletic and outdoor shoe & boot options for all weathers, and even these…




… because you never know when you may need to break an ankle.

I also have two pairs of cowboy boots, because I may need to kick some ass.

So, you know, shoe bases covered.