Pulling a Gladys Kravitz*

September 19, 2014

That would be me.  A buttinsky. A nosy neighbor.

Not really, but I was fascinated to witness this out my office window: these two neighbors, who shall remain nameless, ACTUALLY TALKING TO EACH OTHER.

One–I won’t say which–calls the other “Fat Ass.” Fat Ass is oblivious to this. But, believe me, I get an earful on a regular basis.

One turned 93 this year. The other is nowhere near that old, but is far more eccentric. One apparently needed cat food so badly, she was willing to forgive and forget. Hell, she even smiled. Not that I was spying on them or anything.

Anyway, couldn’t resist the picture.


* Gladys Kravitz, in case you forgot, was the obnoxious nosy neighbor in Bewitched… always cackling about the bizarre goings on at Samantha & Darrin Stephen’s house.

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