Far A Field

September 6, 2014

Actually, not so far. Today’s fancy new field to play on was at Sac State.  Nice place. 

Maybe more far-afield was my scorekeeping effort… if a scorekeeping effort can even be far-afield (I’m going with it, in any case.)  (What IS she talking about??)

Boys played a ten-inning game today. Fall ball is quite relaxed…   tons of player substitutions…a musical chair lineup, if you will; five or six different pitchers; a nine-player lineup one inning, eleven-player lineup the next (this was the worst of the infractions). All havoc for the poor scorekeeper.  I think it took me more time this afternoon to make sense of the game stats than it took the boys to play the ten innings. In fact, I’m sure it did. These digital programs are not equipped to handle data that are outside the legitimate constructs of the game. If you know what I mean. So it took lots of time to figure out some workable work-arounds. Definitely overkill on my part, but it was fun to figure out the program.

So there was that. 

Here is a corner of the field… a far corner, in keeping with my blog title.  And quite unintentionally, I think I actually got Peter in this post-game shot:


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