Small Cog

September 5, 2014

I was a small cog yesterday.  In the world of the PTA, small suits me.  Grateful for the relatively small group of parents who contribute great gobs of time and effort to make things the best they can be for our kids and their school.  Me, I’m content to be a small cog in this big wheel.  

I had to laugh the other day describing for Peter one of my more unsung roles (in a pretty long list of unsung roles): I volunteer on a particular committee of the PTA that makes food for teachers’ special lunches.  Meaning, twice or three times a year, I sign up online to bring a dish to one of these lunches. I drop it off in the staff room at DHS an hour or so before the lunch is served, often when nobody is yet around. I return an hour or so after the lunch and collect my serving dishes. Nobody has any idea who the person is behind the dish. It takes a couple of hours of my time between shopping, preparing and delivering… and is utterly unrecognized.  Kind of weird, huh?  I wonder why I choose such an anonymous way of contributing.

Yesterday was a bit less anonymous. Showed up at this one mom’s house to work away with about 30 other parents (mostly moms) to process a bunch of forms and fees that had been submitted by students during registration this year. A huge accounting job, as it turns out.  Worked for about 90 minutes.  Satisfying enough in that we-all-gotta-do-our-small-part-to-make-sure-it-all-works way.  

Here’s a pic taken in the breakfast nook part of the house (I was in the family room, where there were two large tables full of workers; there were more in the living room):


And for the record: my columns all added up.  Not on the first try (or second or third) but eventually.   

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