May 27, 2014

Final touches on the benefit dinner for David’s upcoming Compassion Tour.  The Compassion Tour Team has included David, Carrie, Margaret, Michelle, Jeff and me. Later, Kristin joined to assist with some of the logistics. I like everybody.

You know?…. I’ve been out of the work force for awhile. Some things have changed: We arrange meeting times via Doodle. We conduct virtual meetings over Google Hangout. We share planning spreadsheets, to-do lists and meeting minutes on Google Drive.

The rest is pretty routine event planning.  But nothing is really that routine.

Nobody’s really in charge and David is content to let the universe speak; things will happen. He sometimes opens meetings or closes them with inspirational comments, he assures us we will all be changed by this experience. He states this with absolute certainty and with a characteristic sparkle in his eyes. I love these meetings. I actually love this whole non-process.  A couple of us are administratively minded, another couple of us are deeply passionate, and David is enough of everything to keep the ball moving down the field.

To wit: the dinner is tomorrow night and I think we’re ready.  David and I had lunch yesterday and said: People will come. There will be food. Funds will be raised.  It will happen.   And that’s all that matters.  There’s a lot of love, so, really, that’s all that matters.

So today, prep cooking happened. I cut chard, basically. I was in and out, mostly out, so my role was minimal in the cooking department.  Tomorrow, I’ll cook more.

Here are some of the volunteers. They are part of a regular crew that supports Mary Phillips, who, with her husband, puts these dinners on. For free. She acquires all the ingredients, mostly from local farmers, and spends two days with a crew of volunteers — anywhere from six to ten — cooking for very large  groups of people. Kind of amazing. I’ve had her dinners three times before, and they are exquisite.

This is the samosa portion of the program (you just can’t imagine how heavenly it smelled):






Tomorrow: more prep pics and dinner pics.



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