Good Beginning, Good Ending

May 14, 2014

The day started gorgeously and fitnessly, with a few-mile walk in PV.  Tried a new one: Started in the alley behind my mom’s house (really, a city boundary/property easement between Palos Verdes and Torrance) and wandered about 2/3 mile down to and across PV Blvd. Shaded by eucalyptus with a nice ocean view… at 9am, it was already 90 degrees.


Continued up to the Plaza, behind the post office and up to the top of Skunk Hill. Dropped down, crossed the creek (dry), across the drive/bridle path, and home. Probably three miles of up/down. Very sweaty, dusty, but great.

Then: ate breakfast, packed, watched some tennis with mom, and at 1:30 headed out for the long drive back to Davis. Apparently, I dodged a wild fire or two and made great time (for those keeping score, 6 3/4 hours, which included a 30-minute stop at Harris Ranch), arriving home just before dark.

Which…. gave me time to appreciate my Mother’s Day gift: the hanging of our hammock in a new (and shady) location, suspended above newly-planted landscaping and our newly-laid flagstone path.  wOOt, wOOt!

Took it for a spin:


I am so ready for summer.



2 Responses to “Good Beginning, Good Ending”

  1. I am impressed you drove that far alone! Love the hammock!

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    great gift; enjoy!

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