May 3, 2014

Today, Ruben–and his various crew folk–finished the flagstone path around the yard. Pretty damn excited about this, as it re-establishes some structure to the backyard and defines some planting areas (i.e., next projects).  In the last, oh, fifteen years, say, the backyard has grown rather amorphous looking.. there were remnants of a previous landscape design, but groomed areas had given way to neglect and a certain tussled-ness became the predominant theme.  Not entirely unkept, but definitely not garden-tour worthy.

Anyway, here’s the more-or-less 360:

One’s first view, when crossing the bridge:


Heading left and around to the backside:


Rounding the former play structure and soon-to-be garden shed with terrace-roof (note spur trail off to right, which leads down to the future raised bed:


Over the creek, past the ailing nectarine tree, and back to the bridge:


He reinforced what was a haphazardly laid stone path, which is now pretty cool, which also leads to the future raised bed:



And he repurposed a once randomly placed boulder into a perfect garden bench:


It’s a little hard to tell, but the new bench is perfectly flat on top. It’s a great place to sit in a very shaded, and now very accessible, spot. We’re also going to be adding a post for stringing a hammock (other end will secure to the garden shed (as it were).

All ready for the next project(s).



One Response to “Next”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Thanks for the garden tour. It’s ready. Especially that rock flat seat. Go get your newspaper and coffee.

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