Again With the Stairway to Heaven

March 31, 2014



Peter picked up Jim’s guitar tonight. First song he played was Stairway to Heaven (recall, he’d recently learned to play it on the piano). He’d played the cello in 4th grade, so knows a little about strings, but this was the first time he’d played the guitar.  Not being a music person, I’m mystified by the whole thing. He said it’s not hard to figure out and just translated what he’d learned on the piano.  He made very quick work of picking out the melody. It was neat. I heard Jim a little while ago showing him how to add chords.

He’s got a growing repertoire on the piano, the majority of which is music from my era, so I’m enjoying it a lot. He’ll poke out a melody, then add chords, then little fancy trills and riffs (like my music speak?). He sounds really good to me, but I’m easily impressed. It’ll be fun to see if the guitar holds the same interest for him.

I know I wrote about this not too long ago… but I just love that he loves it. I don’t think a day goes by that he doesn’t sit at the piano. And/or his sax.  I’m a wee bit sad that he’s not playing in an organized school band, but the whole purpose of his participating in the school program at all was to introduce him to the world of music. Which it so did. It’s a fantastic bonus that he loves it as much as he does and learned enough over the six years to apply his knowledge to new instruments.  I’m thrilled about that.

A grunge filter seemed appropriate.


2 Responses to “Again With the Stairway to Heaven”

  1. That’s so great, Kari, and I completely understand how it thrills you! Neither of my kids are interested in playing an instrument OR singing, which confounds me since I’m a musical person. Oh well….

  2. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    Very wonderful!! S

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