March 17, 2014


As long as I’ve got the camera out and set on macro, I figured I may as well shoot these.  They were part of last night’s dessert at the quarterly gathering of the Dining Divas.  I didn’t make them, but there were a few left over, so I brought a couple home for the guys.

The Dining Divas dinners, it seems, are morphing from a generalized theme of healthy-light-easy to specific cultural cuisine themes… like the early 20th c English theme in January (aka Downton Abbey) and last night’s Brazilian theme.

I was the vegetable person last night so made Brazilian collard greens. Serviceable. I was still in the light-easy-healthy mode, thinking that was still supposed to be driving our menu choices, but, actually, we decided last night to shift away from that and focus instead on interesting, entertainment-worthy dishes.. with maybe a slight nod to healthy and locally-available ingredients.

The above were insanely good (if a bit traumatized in transport). They are mostly sweetened, condensed milk, heated up and thickened on the stove, mixed with some cocoa and butter. After cooling, the mixture can be formed into balls and rolled in whatever sprinkles you have.

The Brazilians love their sweetened, condensed milk; it’s in just about every dessert they make.  Rissa also made a tres leches cake–usually not one of my favorites for its wet, fluffy texture (like tiramisu, yuck). But this dessert, also made with plenty of sweetened, condensed milk, was also in the insane category. When I’m off my current slim-down program (I’ll write about this later), I’m going to make it.

Back to the above, they’re called Brigadeiros and are considered the national truffle of Brazil, extremely common and popular, though I don’t remember seeing them when we were there in 2009.  A casual search turns up thousands of hits and recipes (all the same).  Definitely worth making.

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