Reason Must Prevail

March 15, 2014

Offered to staff a table for a couple hours this morning at Farmer’s Market. Took the early shift. Really enjoyed the pre-crowd hour, when the only ones there were the vendors setting up, including, thankfully, Mark the coffee guy.

Had sunrise chats with other volunteers, Susan Lovenburg (great to hear her take on the recent school board/volleyball coach drama, too), Naomi, Anke, Scott, Tia, Robert and John.  (Lots of folks.)

Here’s our table:


I haven’t done any work with the local Brady Campaign nor with Moms Demand Action (for Gun Sense in America… I will never get that name right… and shake my head at such a horribly wordy name), but deeply support their efforts.  I had added my name to a list a few months back offering to help as needed and was contacted about tabling today.

Not likely to do that again, not because I’m not completely committed to their work but just because I’m not articulate enough on the ins and outs of the issues to be useful at the table (and so many others are). Though it’s funny, when people see the booth, they laser right over and say, “Where do I sign?” “What do you need?” and pretty much do whatever you suggest. The petitions and letters practically sign themselves. People are that passionate about the effort.

Except for the ones who aren’t.

Anyway, in a nutshell, today was about:

1) Signing a letter to Sheriff Prieto to thank him for his efforts to sustain current policies on the issuing of concealed weapons permits. Currently, Yolo County requires you to demonstrate a legitimate need before they’ll give you a permit to conceal a weapon (for example, you are under threat from an unstable ex, do business in a risky part of town, stuff like that). A federal 3-judge panel, ruling on a case in San Diego, said that was unconstitutional. A number of counties in California are now being challenged on that policy, including ours. It’s a reasonable control and Prieto wants to keep it in place, so he’s going to bat for Yolo on this.

2.) Signing a letter to Governor Brown in support of SB 53 that would put into place a number of reasonable controls on obtaining guns.  (I really should have picked up the literature we had on this one…. see, inarticulate!)

A person could also sign up to be on the email list for both local organizations and/or get a button. Their objective is to table regularly (four times per year) simply to keep a steady presence in the community and keep the issues in front of people.  There is not much else that happens.

But the cause is important. Reason must prevail.


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