Not Gay

March 9, 2014

Peter and I were out driving this afternoon.. a frequent and regular theme until the boy gets his driver’s license. We have covered so much territory hereabouts. Truth be told, road driving is not really what he needs. We should be spending most of our time in downtown, navigating busy streets, parking all manner of ways, avoiding pedestrians… but he just loves to hit the open road (which gives us some nice time to talk, so I’m not complaining).

Today, when he asked where we should go, I said, “surprise me,” and told him to just drive wherever his heart desired, but make sure we’re back by 3:15 (about an hour).

Out on about Highway 16, somewhere west of Madison (I bet you didn’t know anything was out there), we came upon this:



Below the Rainbow Ranch logo, the sign reads, “Not Gay.. Just Happy.”

What do we think of this disclaimer?

One Response to “Not Gay”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Seems like they’re attempting to not have people discriminate against them. Wouldn’t ya say? Why else would you state that? Or am I the one being narrow minded? Frankly, it just seems weird. Don’t name yourself something, if you don’t like the connotation.

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