On Approximately This Day….

April 4, 2023

…… in 2016.

Peter was a senior at Davis High School, playing varsity baseball. Here are a few photos from a game played on April 6.

Peter Frame on the bump.

In this one, he’s strategizing with #9, short stop Ryan Kriedler, who, last week, started his first full year in the MLB playing for the Detroit Tigers.

I’m so glad for the experience of competitive sports.

His very best buddies.. Ray and Solly, this picture courtesy of Wes!

I loved everything about his baseball years.. from T-ball to Crush to Varsity (and a single year playing club ball at UCSD). It was a great, great ride.

Fun fact: Ray is getting his PhD at UC San Diego and the Scripps Inst of Oceanography; Peter’s getting his PhD at U of Michigan, and Solly’s about to enter law school. See? Baseball = good foundation.

One Response to “On Approximately This Day….”

  1. Elliot Says:

    Great post. Love the pic of the long legs on the move. And the way you treasure it all. No doubt – wonderful for Peter….. and you.

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