T’was the Night Before Arraignment…

April 3, 2023

Honestly, you’d think it was a big deal to indict a former president.

I tuned into CNN a few times today, and every time: BREATHLESS coverage of absolutely every millimeter of movement made by our newest little criminal. They covered the departure from his resort, the boarding of his plane in Florida, the landing in NYC, the motorcade making its way through the vacated streets of Manhattan (reminiscent of OJ’s Bronco), his arrival at his 5th Ave place. Jake Tapper was seriously peeved that they chose a helicopter angle for the 10 steps between his limo and the entrance because everyone wanted to see his face. Endless speculation about whether his body language suggested resignation.. he looked sober, he didn’t run his mouth, where was his usual defiance?! And then: will there be a mug shot, will there be a perp walk, what about cameras in the courtroom? Nobody has seen the sealed indictment, mind you, so nobody knows what the charges will be, but that hasn’t stopped anybody from their bloviations.

Exhausting. And we easily have months of this, maybe years before a resolution is reached. Don’t hold your breath for handcuffs and chains. At least not yet.

Some of the circulating memes … and other stupid things:

A little dramatic?

And of course he’s asking of money — 5-7 solicitations per day! — and people are complying:

Most corrupt president ever.

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