The week started with the ex-president under arrest and arraigned on 34 felony counts in New York, counts having to do with covering up payments he made to silence the porn actress with whom he’d had an affair.. knowledge of which might sink his chances to win the 2016 election. Ho Hum. (NOT ho hum!!). It continued with the Tennessee Three being expelled from their State House for protesting that body’s inaction to the shooting in Nashville, and concluded with Texas judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, an antiabortion Trump appointee, ruling that mifepristone (an abortion drug) must be suspended. In between, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was found to have taken gabillions in gifts over two decades that he did not report… gifts from a rich republican guy about whom Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said: “Important for news media to not simply label this guy as a ‘[Republican] mega donor’. It’s so much worse. Crow has many interests before the Supreme Court. His groups file petitions before the court. It’s the clearest, most brazen violation of judicial ethics you can imagine.”

Did anything else happen? Oh, in the good news column, Wisconsin voters elected a great dem judge to sit on their State Supreme Court which is hugely significant and shifts the dynamic back to the left, stopping the bleeding in that once blue state. And Dominion’s case against FOX [not] news is proceeding nicely and hopefully will send a few people packing, if not shut down that entire propaganda empire. We’ll see.

It’s a roller coaster, people.

My favorite memey thing was this one with a nice TRACK flavor.. the ex-trackster in me always enjoys a good track reference.