Tu-Lip Service

April 8, 2023

My title’s a bit of a stretch, but I like the word play.. so going with it.

Our garden is dotted with tulips way too pretty to cut, so I’m letting them flourish in the yard within view of the desk at which I sit to blog.

But I do buy bunches of them at this time of year because they are so damn wonderful… the PERFECT little tributes to a coming spring. Exclamation Point!

Here are a few shots of the ones currently on our kitchen island and dining table. I tried to capture the SIZE of the one… it is just huge, almost embarrassingly so. I got out a spoon for scale, but that didn’t really do it. Still… here are a few shots. Funnily, this batch of tulips is the same color as the ones in our yard. Which I may go get a picture of…

Okay… I did go out and get some pictures: