Spinning My Wheels

February 24, 2023

This afternoon, heading back from Vacaville, I decided to veer north along 505, then cut back west along Putah Creek Road to get a closer-up view of the SNOW in the Berryessa Hills. A super fun event for us valley folk.

I took some shots through the windshield (never a good idea), and pulled over to get better (safer) shots along the side of the road. Some of us valley/city folk apparently don’t know how to avoid rainsoaked, roadside mud.

Hoo boy. Stuck.

Some Facebook posts, texts, calls, and a conversation with a nice sheriff (who stopped to check out my stuckness and called an AAA towing service in Winters) later, I was bailed outa my mess. A mere hour of somewhat amusing drama. I was completely grateful for the kindnesses of friends who offered suggestions — including offers of help. Made me feel not so alone out there on a remote road.

The sheriff’s advice: NEVER drive off the road this time of year. And I have to say, it was a bit of a sick feeling, when I pulled off the pavement, to feel myself slide slowly sideways. It’s also quite weird to gas the car and feel your tires just spin and get completely NO traction. Deeper and deeper you go. And the mud spray!

I was gratified (well, validated) that the tow truck driver also failed to get my car out (here he is backing up, but still getting stuck):

Then came the chain and a tow:

This is my self-made rut. The ground was smooth (if gooshy) before I got there…. Sorry Mr. Farmer!!

And I finally got home… with most of the mud spray (including that huge turd-like blob on the hood) still intact..

BUT… I did manage a few really pretty pictures of the hills before heading home:

And some random valley shots.. from the drive out to Vacaville, and back from Winters…

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