Twelve Years Ago

February 23, 2023

So, how’s about a Thursday Throwback? Haven’t done one of those in awhile.

Kinda funny, twelve years ago, Peter was about… 12.. so, he was at his half-way point. For what that’s worth.

This memory came up on Facebook today (have I ever said how much I LOVE the daily Facebook memories feature?).

The comments were pretty funny, too:

And a few more pictures from February 2011, just to put a picture to the voice. Snow trip (Tahoe with the Shawskis and a bunch of other 12 year olds), baseball (Peter on the mound for Crush, and his beloved coach Tim), friends (from Chavez)…

(Brandon, Daniel, Eli, Jack and Peter…)

And because I love this picture so much…. a close up:

Also, just my opinion, you sure do have a life, honey!!

Love you so.

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