Today was my approximately semi-annual trip to Berkeley to have breakfast and a walk with my buddy Elliot. It’s a good tradition, and usually celebrates our mutual birthdays (when we meet in January… or this year February). As usual, much ground was covered — both conversationally and literally. (And come to think of it, this may be the first time — ever — that we didn’t talk shop! Starting our friendship as colleagues, work was always high on the agenda… and funny… work now’s been overtaken by kids, grandkids, hearing aids, recent vacations, latest tech-whiz discoveries on our digital devices…)

Fortunately, and hilariously, we both enjoy doing a lot of this:

Here are some of my favorites from today:

Flower ballet:

Elliot getting eaten by a blow-up dinosaur, using the aforementioned, newly learned & mastered tech-whiz technique of blanking out the background:

I just love the variability of the stone size around this window. SO appealing! This was, by the way, a gem of a horseshoe street off of Claremont. To a house, charming!

Got a kick out of their sign, “Since 2017.” A very sweet little cafe, though. On College Ave, I believe.

A Calla Lily to be… and very dewy:

And whatever this is…. the plant seemed very confused to me, part cactus, part flower, part orange tongue:

My god, that trunk!

After saying goodbye to Elliot, I met up with Monica and we headed to an art exhibit by Lucy Ames. En route … on San Pablo… Patti’s Auto Care:

Here is one of the many walls in the exhibit of Lucy’s colorful tree art…

And lucky me! I found one I like and bought it!

I have to wait until the show’s over to collect it, but I have the perfect place picked out; stay tuned for a pic of that in a couple months.