Reaching Back..

February 18, 2023

I got nuthin. Which means I get to reach back into the archives for a random photo…. and…. I choose…. this!

This is so out of character for Jim, I question that it’s even him (it is). You can tell it’s a really long time ago because mom’s still got her signature brown cig in hand. Not to mention Jim’s hair is a deep, dark, rich brown. How ’bout that pose!

For some reason, I think this might have been the picnic before (or after) we scattered dad’s ashes in Carmel (Pt. Lobos), which would put this somewhere around the year 2000. Jim (about 47) and I are four years into our marriage, Peter’s two years old, mom’s about seven years from quitting smoking (and is 71).

I know it was a somber occasion, but apparently also had its lighter moments!

Wow wow wow.