Peterson Family Calendar

January 18, 2023

Been waiting for a slowdown in the action to find the time to post my annual collection of Peterson Family Calendar photos. I make a calendar each year for me and the bros.. and the offspring, and their offspring, and the spouses and/or significant others. When you add all that up, there are twelve of us.. which, you know, kinda works well with the Gregorian calendar. Would that 1) we had more months in a calendar year in order to be able to add cousins and aunts and uncles and inlaws and 2) I was not so anal as to not find a creative way to squeeze dozens of family members into a 12-month template. Nobody in my immediate ‘calendar family’ better multiply, or I’m in trouble.

The other thing that mostly works out about this 12-person group, is that nearly each family member gets their photo on their birth month. There are a couple exceptions to this, but nobody’s complained about being mis-monthed in all these years.

Here are 2023’s photos (all having been taken by me (except where noted) in 2022… with he exception of Jay, whom I did not get to see last year… so chose a 10-year old pic, which completely captures him even ten years later).

(These are not in month order, or any order, actually, it’s the gallery view that WordPress randomly produced. Hope they’re big enough to see.)

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Jim, Peter (with Maya), Moi
  • Chris (with Pam), Matt, Juniper (photo credit: Alexis)
  • River, Alexis, Magnolia (photo credit for all three: Alexis, though not sure who shot the photo of her)
  • John, Michael, Jay

Chris calls this his, “how to be an adult” calendar, because it contains not only the photos, but also every birthday, anniversary, notable death of not just us twelve, but extended family, as well. He never misses a birthday now!

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