So Wrong

January 6, 2023

After four days, fifteen ballots, a couple near brawls on the House floor, and a whole lotta selling out to the fringiest of the fringe, there is now an official Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy, at long last, eked out a victory and, it appears, achieved his forever, lifelong dream. For the last seven or eight years, he seemed prepared to do anything to get that gavel. Honestly, it has been an ugly and disturbing thing to watch, for years, and especially this week. It’s not like I’m some big-time political gadfly, but our politics for the last seven or eight years have been fascinating-shocking-mind-numbing-heartbreaking and we’ve all become gadflies, and I do admit to having spent a lot of time this week, particularly, tuned into this head-shaking drama. Not proud of that.

Be that as it may, it seems worth a blog post and a couple choice photos (not mine) to mark the occasion.

It’s worth noting that C-SPAN cameras were all over the floor, and the network was allowed to put out its video feed for all to see (this, evidently, is not typical, but gave the public a fascinating look behind the scenes of this particular government procedure).

Two central players in the drama: Gaetz was happy to be the center of attention and did all he could to get and stay front and center. These guys hate each other. Both are loathsome.

I’m no McCarthy fan, but I certainly understood the anger at the stunts these chaos caucus members — led by Gaetz and Boebert — pulled. This guy (the one with the maybe toupee) was angry enough to lunge at Gaetz, but was held back by the quick-reacting other guy. A commotion ensued!

There are more great photos, but, heck, I don’t want these guys on the pages of my blog.

As I wrote last night, many funny people memed the weeks events, which made the whole embarrassing process at least fun to follow. There were also so many great puns; here are two of my favorites:

  • Kevin and Hell (credit: Stephen Colbert writers)
  • Kevinsurrection (credit: Crooked Media writers)


The worst part of all of this was the irony that, exactly two years ago in this very House chamber (almost to the hour), most of the folks voting for McCarthy tonight were voting to overthrow the government. Including McCarthy himself. And he took, and then administered to the entire House, the oath of office, in which he (and a good chunk of election-denying, insurrectionist-supporting house members) promised to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And he’s now second in line to the presidency.

Every bit of this is wrong. I just hope the people get it. I hope McCarthy and his corrupt conference are out there for the entire country to see and that they get run out of town next election.

(And for the millionth time, it’s why I’m grateful for all the fantastic political organizations that are doing the good work and why I’m so incredibly grateful to be plugging into them a couple of them. Even if my contribution is small, it feels so righteous and important!!)